Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Book Reflection - Creativity

This was a wonderful book to read as an art teacher because of the creativity theme throughout the book. However, one particular item that was particularly interesting was when Robinson talked about how knowledge and creativity does not come from only us but rather from others.

This is very true, especially in the art world. The way we think and create comes from influences from those around us. So much of our creativity is inspired by our surroundings and the environment that we live in. This leads to creativity and culture.

I especially enjoyed this quote by Robinson. "We stand on the shoulders of others to see further." (pg. 171) This means that in order for us to be creative we often first must use the creative genius of others to propel us on our own creative path. Culture drives what is creative in society.

It is interesting to me that what is popular is also what is artistic and creative at a certain time in history. I find this true even in my classroom. If the students are able to create a project that is related to popular culture they are much more interested in the process and the outcome.

What a great book about creativity with great insights.

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