Saturday, February 5, 2011

Missing Summary? 4-9?

Being Creative
"Creativity is possible in any activity we engage in.  New ways of thinking can transform us."
There are some wonderful examples of this on Ted. com.  Listen to how Conrad Wolfram talks about teaching students Math.
Feeling Better
"Creativity is possible in anyone"  It is not separated by disciplines.  If you listen to Sir Ken Robinson on, you will hear him talk about how people need to find their talents and do what they love to do.  "Know thyself".  You can be creative in what you do and enjoy your one and only life.
You Are Not Alone
The world of creativity is like a "slinky".  It begins and extends on and on but always stays connected to its beginnings in some way.
Balancing The Books
How do we promote creativity?  1.  Identify creative strengths and abilities  2.  Help provide conditions conducive for growth  3.  Determine what your goals are  4.  Be flexible  5.  Try new ideas
Be sure to see:  "Teaching Design"  by

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